What Are the Advantages of Drywall?

Why Is It Beneficial to Use a Dry Wall Contractor for Your Building Project?

Many of you have probably never used dry wall in their construction projects. For this reason Luceros Drywall, has decided to outline its benefits, so that you can book a dry wall contractor next time you have a big home or office renovation project. Read on and learn why so many members of the local community have already used it!

Here are the main advantages of drywall:

  • It is lightweight, weighing 8 to 10 times less than other conventional materials.
  • Using it makes any construction process faster.
  • It blocks any type of sound with better insulation rating up to 74 DB
  • It can help you reduce your cooling and heating expenses.
  • Beauty of the material.
  • Paint can be easily applied on drywall surfaces.
  • It is fire resistant, which makes it a preferred building material for schools, hospitals, and other public buildings.
  • It can be recycled completely.
  • The variety of shapes and modifications it comes in make it a very flexible material.

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