Is it Better to Use Sheet Metal or Flexible Ducts?

Tips and Recommendations from the Most Reputable Sheet Metal Contractor in Northglenn CO

There are two main types of ductwork on the market to choose from when deciding on your new system: flexible ductwork and rigid sheet metal. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. As a qualified sheet metal contractor, Luceros Drywall knows only too well what the characteristics of these materials are. Read on and make your decision about the one which will be more suitable for your property.

A sheet metal duct is any tube, canal, pipe, or conduit constructed with sheet metal by which a fluid, air, or other substance is conducted or conveyed. The best thing about sheet metal ductwork is its staying power. The advantage of the structure of this material is that it can last a long time, especially in the cases when proper care for it has been taken. Because it is a rigid material, your sheet metal ductwork needs to have adequate space, not to mention that the ducts you intend to install should be appropriately sized in order to match your heating and cooling system.
This way, you can rest assured, knowing that you will have excellent performance and energy efficiency.

  • Flexible ducts

They are made out of corrugated plastic, which is often wrapped in insulation. They have a relatively short life span in comparison to the sheet metal ones, but, on the other hand, are very cost-effective. The shape and size they have allow their installation in locations that would not accept full-sized sheet metal ductwork.

If you have decided that the first material suits your needs better, you can choose us to be your sheet metal contractor in Northglenn CO. All you need to do in order to arrange it is call (303) 870-3378!